Materia Combos!



- Added effect linked with Hades / in your weapon you cause the same effect that Hades when you hit / in your armor you're inmune to all Hades effects.

- Final attack linked with pheonix / when you die you cast pheonix and revives all your dead allies.

- Any Summon linked with MP Turbo / Your Summon becomes really more stronger.

- Knights of the Round linked with HP Absorb or MP Absorb / All the damage you do with Knights of the Round is absorbed as HP or MP.

- Sneak attack linked to Knights of the Round, or Deathblow, or (something you may think it's going to work pretty good) / Starts the fight with the materia you linked to sneak attack.

- Quadra magic linked to Neo Bahamut or ZERO Bahamut (doesn't works with Knights of the Round) / Casts Summon four times (if u use W-Summon it will be 8 times).

- Mega all linked with steal / Steal from all the enemies

- Counter linked with sense / every time an enemy attacks, you'll see his HP and MP.

- Counter liked with mime / mime the last attack!

I heard this materia combo once but i haven't prove it yet, check it out:

- Master Summon materia linked with a mastered counter materia / This causes that when an opponent hits you, you 'll counter attack all enemies with all the Summons in the game. Sounds logic but i haven't prove it.